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My free time is almost up. :( School starts back on Tuesday!
Fun fact of the day: Male and female sex cells (sperm and eggs) are called "gametes." When they unite, it's not called a fetus right away; the term for it is called a "zygote." But the moment the zygote begins cellular division to grow, it is no longer a zygote and becomes a fetus.
Long time no see. I've been out of school since the afternoon of 12/16, but just now made it here because procrastination. I start it back again on 1/6.

I hope everyone is doing well. It's been so long that I suppose everyone has moved on with their lives and left me behind. A lot of stuff has went on in mine for the past couple of months. I was able to get in A in every class I remained in, but my Dad had to have semi-emergency surgery last week (long story) and now he's out of work without income or compensation thanks to his shitty company. He's had to have multiple CT scans and spent many days in the hospital, so if I thought we were doing bad before (the worst we've ever been,) then I don't know what to say now. It reminds me of that "doomsday clock" they talk about. I'm just glad he's still here with us, but the future is incredibly uncertain.

I'm still going into medassisting next month. I'm going to try very hard and try to keep my head above water again. I don't have a choice, or else.

DeviantArt has been the furthest thing from my mind, and when I do think of it or hear of it, I'm disappointed every time. What a weird new logo. I still don't trust their practices and would never give them any more of my money until they turn things around. I haven't done much art lately but if I did I would seek elsewhere to upload it tbh. I miss interacting with the people I know here though, but it's just not conventional anymore and school takes up so much of my time that I'd rather do other things when I have free time. I'm sorry if it seems like the life has been sucked out of me, but in most ways it has. I just have to hope for a better future.

I didn't really make any friends at school yet and even if I did, it was futile as I'm going to be in a different part on campus and none of them were taking what I was going to be taking, so I wouldn't see them much again anyway... It's not like any of them made an effort to acknowledge me much outside of class lol. I don't expect it to change.

I'll try to hang around a little but seeing as it's been so long since I've been active here, I'm out of the loop with everyone and it may seem awkward. As always I'm available elsewhere if you feel the need to hunt me down. I have so few friends online anymore it doesn't take much for me to be completely alone.

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1. I'm on break and I'm catching up on manga I'm into and trying some new ones. I just finished catching up on Akame ga Kill and will start Nisekoi or D.Gray-Man next probably.

2. I haven't played a new Sonic game since Generations on PS3, but I have the special version of Sonic 2 that I downloaded to my phone over the holiday since it was free so I guess I'll try that. Earlier this year I played through S3&K again.

3. I became very interested in genetics and learned about PCR & gel electrophoresis while in my biology class; I hope I get to use it in the future during my medical studies because it has a variety of uses.

4. The last thing I drew was a rose for my Dad when he was in the hospital.

5. I really want to learn how to play a violin. But you need time, money, and a violin in order to do that.

1.If you find out that you only have 24 hours to live,what would you do in these last moments?
Get in contact with as many people as I know one last time and tell them how I feel and tie up loose ends. In my dreams I'm always running away from something, so maybe I would just start running, going anywhere.
2.Would you live in an anime world(Includes all animes) asides from your own world?
Of course.
3.What is your biggest fear?
Balloons, being left behind, and fighting with my parents.
4.Ever had any rage outbursts?
Maybe not complete rage but I've had hysterical fits before, either laughing or crying.
5.Respect above all.Don´t you agree?
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